Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Spartan 7

Naming my daughter wasn't that hard. Naming my car has proven to require much more thought. I'm not exactly a major manufacturer, but this name will stick with the car throughout the build, and I feel like it needs something a little better than "my locost".

I wanted a name that was serious, without being too stodgy or ridiculous. The "Conway Superturbo AstoCaster XD6" may sound cool to a 6 year old, but it just doesn't fit the car I'm designing and building.

So I'm calling my car the Spartan 7.

The name evokes a certain aggressiveness and purity of spirit. Maybe I've watched 300 way too many times, but I think the name relates the Seven's hard-core philosophy. It also conveys the minimalist ethic so important to this kind of car.

I plan on creating nose and tail badge artwork for the finished car. I'll post them here when they're fleshed out.


Blake said...

I like it, haha it's only harder to name than your children because giving kids cool names is frowned upon :(
If you had the option of naming your kids after majestic birds or fierce warriors, the decision may not be so easy!

William Conway said...

Yeah, my wife didn't like my idea for Maximus as a boy name...

Anonymous said...

hye,i jz got a project from my lecturer to develop a kit sport car,my question is how to develop a body using fiberglass..i hope u can give me some advice..btw this is my email

William Conway said...

Sorry, but I'm trying to stay away from fiberglass work. That stuff sucks!

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