Thursday, July 29, 2010

Need tiny seats? Look in a Midget!

I made a big step this week to increase the British content of my locost by purchasing a pair of 1972 MG Midget seats.

The previous owner had them leftover after restoring his Midget, which he graciously let me sit in.

These seats are small (about 17-18" across) and relatively light (24 lbs. each). Plus they will really make the interior look "period correct".

My plan is to recover them once the car is done in MG's Autumn Leaf vinyl. I figure with a matching tonnau cover, tranny tunnel cover and dashboard it'll really look awesome against my off-white and navy blue paint.

Putting them side by side in my garage at their approximate spacing really drives home how small the passenger compartment will be. Awesome!

Now that I have my seats, I have every critical piece I need to design the car. I've been waffling on doing a detailed design phase and I'm pretty sure it is going to be a go. It will keep me busy while I finish renovations to my garage (including building a garden shed to clear out all my lawn stuff) and prevent costly mistakes later.

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Sam said...


My name is Sam Lyles. I
am a college student currently. I live in North Atlanta. I have been a fan of the Lotus 7 and the Locost for as long as I can remember. My plans are to start on my build
sometime after I graduate in the next two years. I am doing a
research paper on the Locost and would like to interview you on the
subject. Would you be interested? If so, we can do the interview in any
form in which you are comfortable (I can email the questions if that's
best). I am sure you are a very busy person but I would really appreciate
the help!

Thank you!