Friday, January 23, 2009

Phase 2 begins!

Now that Winky has been laid to rest, I think it's a good time to outline the next phase in the build. Here's what I'm thinking:

  1. Strip and sell donor
  2. Upgrade garage for construction
  3. Clean up parts
  4. Measure parts and model in CAD
  5. Design suspension
  6. Design frame
  7. Build full-size cockpit mockup
  8. Build! Build! Build!
Here's what I'm starting with. I'd always intended to fix the place up, but my donor fell into my hands much faster than I thought it would, so the only improvements I've made so far are the fluorescent lights hanging from the ceiling. I'm going to double the number of fixtures to 6, figuring if a lot of light is good, then too much should be just enough.

Once lighting is complete, construction is going to begin. I've purchased components to seriously upgrade the electrical system. Right now there are only two outlets in the whole garage. Seriously, who thought that would be enough?

I'm going to install 20 amp outlets all over the side wall to run compressors, welders and other tools. I'm also going to install switched 15 amp outlets up high to power the lights and a radio (which is critical).

I'm also going to need a real work space. Being the dork I am, I've already put together a preliminary layout of the garage in CAD. Note the "do not exceed" line marking my wife's side of the garage. Happy wife = finished locost.

There's a pretty good sized workbench in the corner, with shelving above. I'm going to saw the peg board in half and use it behind the bench. I've amassed quite a collection of old crappy bookshelves, which will function quite nicely as parts, material and tool storage.

I'm still working out the details of which tools go where, but I wanted to make sure I have plenty of space to store stuff in. I can't stand working in a messy environment. My layout is still missing a welder, compressor, compound miter saw and a bench grinder. It may get a little tight in there.

I may also go ahead and build the build table. That will certainly help with storage, and provide a nice, flat surface to measure parts on without cluttering up my work bench.

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