Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa came early this year

I bought myself an early Christmas present in the form of a brand spankin' new 2 ton engine hoist. This is by far the manliest tool I own. It weighs about 200 pounds and goes together with bolts larger than anything I've got tools for. Thank goodness for adjustable wrenches, or else I'd have had to run to Sears to get something to assemble it with!

I got a screaming deal on it. Northern Tool had it on sale the day after Thanksgiving for $160 or so, which is what they're going for on CraigsList used. I've reached the point in the teardown where the engine is about to come out so the timing is perfect.

I also ponied up for the folding version to save garage space, and I got the larger 2-ton unit because several Locosters said the extra reach is worth the money. The engine in the Seven sits pretty far behind the front axle (technically making it a mid-engine car), and the smaller 1-ton hoist requires some hairy manuvering to get the engine in and out.

Besides, when I asked the sales guy his opinion, he said "you should always buy more tool than you think you'll need." It's hard to argue with that logic!

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